Strategic Website Review

Feeling stuck with your current website and need some major clarity?

sounds intriguing, so WHAt'S INCLUDED?

Website Review PDF + Video Walkthrough


You will receive a 6-10 page PDF Website Review checklist with writeup action steps, and an approximately one-hour long video walkthrough as I go through your website page-by-page.


In the Website Review PDF I will cover assessment categories based on a set of heuristics (a fancy word for a measurement of something that can’t readily be quantified), and will include a checklist of items for each category, defining whether they meet the criteria, don't meet the criteria, or have room for improvements. In the second part of the document I will list out immediate action steps, and long-term actions steps that you can take to improve your website and it's performance based on the goals you have for your brand.


In the video portion of your review, I'll walk through your website, page by page, and you'll hear me make recommendations on the fly, assess your current website, review your site map (the way you have your pages organized), and go over improvements that can directly benefit your website and business goals. You will receive your video walkthrough and PDF in a convenient Dropbox link so you're able to download and save them.


The Categories That I Assess During Your Review Are: 


First Impressions


Page Layout






Browser Compatibility



the deep dive

“After my session with Janessa, I gained clarity about how to streamline my brand so that I could show up consistently and communicate clearly what I stand for. Janessa was extremely helpful in helping me to gain awareness of my brand, and broke down the steps I could take next. I went from being confused and overwhelmed to being excited and encouraged about the changes I was able to quickly make whilst having a future plan in mind. Thank you Janessa!”
— Natalie Thompson, Delectable Dietetics

what does the process look like?

Here's My Step-By-Step Website Review  Process:


Click the "Let's Get Started" button below to start the Website Review process. You will be taken to a page with next steps.

When you click the "I'm Ready" button on that page, it will prompt you to fill out a form, then to pay for your review.


Upon payment confirmation, I receive a notification and will email you to confirm that I've put your review on my schedule. I will conduct my Website Review and deliver it to you by email within 7 business days.

You will have the chance to send 1 follow-up email after the review, asking questions or for clarification on anything I may have touched on in your review, and I'll respond promptly.


Here's Why Investing in a Website Review is a Smart Idea:


Let's be honest, investing in a website redesign is a big financial and time commitment.


You want to be sure you know where you're starting before you can move forward towards something better. You either want to make sure you have your ducks in a row before you start working with a designer, or you are really tech savvy and feel comfortable making edits to your website yourself but you just need a little guidance and strategic direction so you can take action, like...yesterday.


A Website Review will help you wrap your head around where you're website is at now, and give you insight into what could be adjusted to help you get to where you'd like to be. A Website Review takes into account your business goals and gives you action steps that you can take today. It gives you a chance to see what might have room for improvement before spending thousands on a website redesign.


You can feel confident moving forward when working with a designer or editing your site yourself.

Most of all, you gain clarity.

all of this for just $250.