Strategic Website Review


Strategic Website Review


Website Review PDF + Video Walkthrough

You will receive a 6-10 page PDF Website Review PDF checklist with writeup and action steps, and an approximately one-hour long video walkthrough as I go through your website page-by-page.


  1. Click the "I'm Ready" button below: You will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire that will help me during the review process.
  2. Once you submit your questionnaire, the payment page will come up for you to pay for your review.
  3. When I see your payment confirmation come through, I receive a notification and will email you to confirm that I've put your review on my schedule. I will deliver your Website Review PDF + Video to you by email within 7 business days.
I'm Ready

Follow-Up After The Review:

You will have the chance to send a follow-up email after the review, asking questions or for clarification on anything I may have touched on in your review, and I'll respond promptly. Should you desire more 1-on-1 consulting after that, I'm happy to offer an hourly consulting package.