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Client Launch Experience Story



Before working with Janessa, I had a minimal idea of how to launch my e-course. I had a small email list from students who followed me on Facebook and had no idea what it really meant to convert those on my email list to actual paying customers. As a point of reference, my highest enrollment in one of my e-courses was 98 students and after working with Janessa that number grew to 220. She not only advised me on how to approach new customers but we offered my alumni an upgrade opportunity to increase e-course sales.


As we begin thinking about launching my e-course, Janessa brilliantly suggested Thinkific as a new teaching platform as well as Convertkit for email marketing. She took time to teach me about opt-ins, landing pages, sequencing, and tags – all completely new to me and she not only created this information for my launch, she also provided me with a personalized video library so that I would know how to manage my e-course and email list myself. That alone is priceless 1:1 training for my business!



With Janessa’s help, I worked on curriculum design, making sure that all of my lessons were imported into Thinkific. All notifications to customers were created, all emails had beautiful banners for every one of my classes, I wrote directly to my audiences and the list-building opt-in freebies and content upgrades were ones that she knew my ideal customer would want to see.


My email list went from the hundreds to the thousands.


Leading up to the launch, Janessa kept a detailed list of all that needed to be accomplished by her and by me in our shared Trello board – that amazing Trello board, became our mode of communication and kept everything organized.


She created gorgeous promotional graphics to advertise my class and helped me with my launch sequence emails, including proofing my emails, too, just to make sure that they looked polished and professional.


Absolutely everything is thought of and no stone is left unturned – ever!


When it came time for me to launch Energy.Motion.Flow, Janessa helped me decided on a two-week timeframe with one week for Early-Bird pricing and one week at regular pricing. She helped me integrate Stripe, the payment system I am using, and she literally took care of everything on the setup side of Thinkific. She knew I was nervous about this new platform and never left me alone or questioning that everything was taken care of and would run smoothly.




She stayed up to the wee hours of the morning to open up my e-course enrollment on the sales page and was there the entire time during the six-week course to help with any challenges that came up or to answer any questions I had.


When Janessa and I did our first launch, I knew she was someone who I would want by my side to help in all future launches. I have absolutely no idea what I would do without her. She made the entire process run smoothly and I am forever grateful for her expertise.


If you're wondering if she's the right Designer to help you launch you're e-course, trust me—she's the one!

Alexis Bonavitacola, Artist and Online Art Instructor



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