designers, I'm lookin' at you.


You know the saying "It takes an village"? The same rings true for design.

Here are a few ways to work with me:

 Squarespace Authorized Trainer - Janessa Rae Design Creataive

1:1 squarespace training for designers

Are you a Wordpress or Showit designer and have been wanting to learn the Squarespace platform so that you can start offering Squarespace website design packages in your biz?


I'll give you 1:1 training within 3 sessions together where we will go over the entire Squarespace Platform, plus we will take a home page comp that you've previously designed (such as a Photoshop comp, or a screenshot of one of your Wordpress home pages) and recreate it in Squarespace so you can see exactly how the platform may differ from what you're used to, and how to implement custom CSS to achieve the design accuracy.


You will be able to make special functionality requests for things you want to learn, custom CSS included, and will be on the right foot for being able to create your own Squarespace website design offerings for your clients.


I also provide a lot of resources, shortcuts, and go over process and workflow for when you're working with clients. All of our live training sessions are recorded so you can always refer back to them. 

Who is this perfect for? 

Designers who aren't familiar with designing within the Squarespace platform, but would love to learn it so you can start offering Squarespace website design packages for your clients. You're familiar with web design, and maybe you've even dabbled with a Squarespace trail before (or not!). This is best for designers who have some knowledge of CSS currently, even if minimal, and an eagerness to apply what they know or learn more along the way. More information and case studies coming soon!  Inquire below to see if you'd be a good fit.


3 sessions at 2-3hrs each (depending on your starting knowledge & schedule) for $850

straight from the source:

“Oh my word. I can’t express how much I appreciate Janessa! She’s helped me on multiple occasions figure out various coding issues I was having with my Squarespace site. She took all the little things I was struggling with and quickly found the solution (and a lot of times even better than what I was thinking I needed to do). I also love how she took a peek at other bits of coding I had on the page she was working on and helped tweak other bits of code that I didn’t even tell her I was struggling with fixing! She’s seriously a mind reader! I can’t tell you how much she has helped me, I’m so totally and completely grateful for her help!”
— Liz Strong, Designer, Lux + Vita
“You were able to help me figure out the most logical way to approach designing in Squarespace from a “Squarespace perspective,” as it were, rather than approaching it the way I would for Wordpress. The two are similar, but seeing how someone who really GETS it work within the platform – and how they would build your design – makes all the difference. You’re awesome!”
— Lindsay Goldner, Designer – No Fonts Given CO
“I wanted to add another tool to my toolbox and understand better what the use cases would be for setting up a client on Squarespace vs. Wordpress. I really like how in-depth you went with each of the things we were trying to accomplish. I felt I understood well what Squarespace could do easily once you guided me through our learning sessions. I feel more comfortable being able to provide clients the right option for their site design that fits their brand and digital marketing goals.

If you wanted to significantly reduce the learning curve and quickly add a new tool to your toolbox with Squarespace design, then Janessa is the one to learn from!”
— Nicole Johnson, Designer – Digital Made Simple



Have a design project you're working on but need professional, and experienced, feedback and critique, as well as a plan for revisions, through to execution? I'm here for ya. That logo design concept that you need to present to your client but just can't nail what feels "off"? I totally get it.


Maybe you're a self-taught designer or still learning and you're not feeling as confident in your skills as you'd like. Or maybe you just need someone to point you in the right direction. Maybe you're experienced as hell but something like concept development, logo design, and typography aren't your strong suit.


Whatever the skill may be, I'd love to be your Art Director on demand and help you get from "Meh" to "Heck yes!", from "Can I do this?" to "I can totally do this!". Whatever it may be, I'm here to help!


Branding, Typography, Type Pairings, Typesetting, Logo Suite Design, Concept Development, Color Palette Creation & Psychology, Website Design, Sales Pages, Layout, Style Tiles, Moodboards, Design Consistencies, Client Presentation Documents, Inspiration Gathering and Benchmarking, Custom CSS for Squarespace.


Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Squarespace. 


1-hr minimum, at $100/hr.


What designer's are saying:

“I’ve found the missing piece! I had all of my ideas for an upcoming branding and web project but felt as though it was not quite ready for the client. As Art Director on Demand, Janessa was able to coach me through a clear process for developing logo concepts, helping me fine tune my designs, as well as maximizing my website presentation through the use of “style tiles.” Her insight and experience are invaluable and gave me the extra polish and confidence I was looking for with my project. I’d hire her again in a heartbeat!”
— Meg McConnell, Designer – MDM Design + Communications
“I was redesigning my website kept going back and forth on how to best design some areas on my site. I was in my own head and too close to my own business and needed a fresh perspective! Janessa gave me a lot of great ideas for my website and specific actions to take. I feel really good about the redesign and things are actually getting done! I loved that Janessa knew Squarespace well and knew how to push its limits, as well as being good with pairing typography, which I needed help with.

Hiring Janessa as your Art Director On Demand for an hour will save you days of second guessing yourself. She knows how to communicate with good design and is generous with her advice and resources. 10/10 I would recommend!
— Connie Holen, Designer – Pixality Design

 Squarespace Authorized Trainer - Janessa Rae Design Creative

Why work with me? 

I've got 6 years of design experience, including several years at design agencies in positions like Senior Designer and Creative Design Lead where I've led a team as well as mentored design interns and junior designers in everything from logo design, concept development, website design, brand strategy, and layout design, among other things.


I also have owned my own design business for three years and work with clients day in and day out. I  have a professional design degree from an accredited design college where I graduated with honors, so you know I've got a good foundation to my design chops. I believe in continual learning, and spend a lot of my time honing my design skills and learning as much as possible so that I can mentor from a place of knowledge and experience. Most important, I'm honest, nurturing, patient, and encouraging. 


Lastly, you might have noticed that I'm a Squarespace Authorized Trainer. What does this mean for you? It means I have experience helping you create memorable, beautiful, and low-maintenance websites with Squarespace. If you start your trial through me, you also receive 20% your first year on Squarespace. I'd love to hear from you!